There are two families in immediate need of our support

If you or your church are interested in funding all or part of one of these projects, via a one-time gift or monthly contribution, or you would like to know more please contact us at

The names and other identifying information have been modified to protect their identities. The details for these needs are highlighted below.

FAMILY 1: Egyptian Christian Persecuted Family in need of shelter and basic necessities

This family is facing an intensive persecution from an Islamist group. They were living in Shoubra, Cairo but due to the threat of violent persecution, the husband had to take his wife and family to another city.  They are in dire need of support to get relocated from persecution.  They need a place to live for shelter and safety which will require a down payment along with a way to pay monthly rent.

FAMILY 2: Christian Persecuted Family of 5 in need of shelter and basic necessities

This family of five is facing persecution from an Islamist group.  The church helped the wife and her three children move away from the pressure of an Egyptian Islamist group but are living under constant threats of the Islamist group. The family is in immediate need of financial support for a secure a safe apartment for a down payment and a way to pay for the monthly rent.

These two family are in need of your support. If you have a heart to help these families who are being persecuted for their Faith in the Lord please consider a donation that will be given directly to the families in Egypt. If you have questions please email us.

We will continue to post support requests from Christians in need.