Population: 10.5Million

Religion: Muslim 99%

Ideology: Islam

Threat to Religious Freedom:  Al-Shabaab, a Jihadist Islamist group Muslim with links to Al-Qaeda which wants Islamic systems imposed for all Somalia under Sharia law.

Sunni Muslim Sunni Muslim (Islam) is the official religion of the country. Al-Shabab states that all Somalis are born Muslims. Therefore any of those found practicing other faiths or converting to Christianity is considered guilty of “apostasy”, or leaving Islam, and should be put to death. Al-Shabaab seeks to impose a strict version of Sharia (Islamic law), ridding the country of Christianity.

What can you do?

  • Give to Somalia Christians
  • Pray for those that are suffering extreme persecution under al-Shabaab Islamic Extremists.
  • Pray that God would bring Justice and Peace to the region.