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Christians in the Mirror is an expository documentary that compares and contrasts by directly showing the audience the inexplicable suffering and desperation of Persecuted Christians in the Middle East and Africa living courageously through it by exhibiting love, faith, and hope in the midst of death, torture, and tragedy. This is contrasted against many Christian Churches living the good life, listening to prosperity teachings, being affluent and not aware of the suffering and cries of their brothers in the Persecuted Church. In essence, it takes the audience on a journey by looking into their own “Christian Mirror” as a follower of Christ and what is reflected back. The documentary seeks to ask the audience the question what do they see as followers of Christ in the mirror? Does it reflect Christ or is it skewed or distorted?

The documentary shows real people in real places as targets of violent Islamic radicals because they do not adhere to their ideology. It will show political and sectarian instability, primarily against Christians but others also suffering for their faith, with a variety of outcomes in both life and in death, with the intended genocide of Christians. Those suffering are also asking the question as to why there is silence and lack of support from many of the affluent Christian Churches in America. In parallel, those places and Christians will be juxtaposed against Christians in America going about living their Christian lives with true religious freedom and beliefs but not really with actions supporting the Persecuted Church.The documentary will show how America symbolized by the Christian mirror is going through an identity crisis of Christian character but not adhering to scriptural directions of helping those in the household of faith with actions as members of the body of Christ. The documentary will attempt to remind American Christians with love, not judgment, that if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it. (1 Cor.12:26). We should feel it. We should have empathy and compassion for the part of the body that is suffering by putting our faith into action. The documentary is asking the question, are we acting as the body of Christ? We are all members of Christ’s body and it’s still suffering through the Persecuted Church. Has the body of Christ changed since the first century or do we need to change to be more active in helping the Persecuted body of Christ?

Patrick Carberry Founder, Joshuacord Jordan Allott, Film Director and Producer

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