Joshuacord Ribbon

Joshuacord Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

Our Goal is to help those who are being persecuted for their Christian faith.  The lack of religious freedom is an issue in many countries across the world, especially for Christians.  Unfortunately more than 150,000 Christians are persecuted every year for their faith.  Thousands who are not persecuted, killed or put in jail, are often ostracized from jobs and unable to provide the basic necessities to support their families’ needs.

Our primary focus will begin with the Middle East and Africa – starting with the following six regional areas in critical need.

1.) Afghanistan
2.) Egypt
3.) Iraq
4.) Nigeria
5.) Somalia
6.) Syria

History – how we came up with the name Joshuacord? 

The Scarlet Cord is a symbol of courage, faith and kindness. Joshuacord comes out of Biblical history and the story of Joshua, Rahab, and the Scarlet Cord.  A Scarlet Cord was first used to let down the two spies outside the walls of Jericho to save them from harm. The same cord was a symbol of safety when Joshua and the Israelites  took Jericho under God’s power Joshua sent two spies to survey the land of Jericho. Once in the city walls, they met Rahab the Harlot. She pledged to help them based on their promise to spare her family.

When the King asked Rahab for the location of the Israelite spies, she saved the men by telling him they “stopped by” but left the city. Rahab used the scarlet cord to lower the two spies down her window to escape. She was told to place the scarlet cord on her window as a sign of protection. Her steadfast kindness demonstrates love in action, loyalty, faith, and courage. Rahab’s kindness involved life-or-death consequences.

Rahab was the great, great, grandmother of David. Jesus through both Mary and Joseph trace their ancestry back to King David: Matt 1:5-6 “And Salmon fathered Boaz of Rahab, and Boaz fathered Obed of Ruth, and Obed fathered Jesse, and Jesse fathered David the king.” (MKJV) The Scarlet Cord is a symbol of courage, faith and kindness.